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Last Dinosaurs

KYO Signed Poster

KYO Signed Poster

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The year is 3023. The artificial intelligence revolution has been fought, won, and lost. The earth is blanketed with debris from previous civilisations’ satellites and space junk. The most powerful AI satellite runs critically low in battery, and in its dying months, reprograms its protocols. It now functions as an ancient style radio station, generating music based on algorithms it learnt from the previous civilisation. KYO is a collection of transmissions intercepted from this satellite.

We're so excited to share this unique design by our friend EM NIWA and be working amongst Australian Creatives - it feels very special, especially across different mediums to champion storytelling.

Numbered 1-100, each copy is signed by Sean, Lach, and Sloane.

Size: 18 x 24


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